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No Parking! Big Problem!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Quite often discussions on how to transform cities into cycling cities fail to address a very important component in the movement cycle of a cyclist. What should cyclists do once they get to their destinations? Once they get to work or to school or even a hotel while meeting a date.

The Nairobi City County Government (NCCG) has embarked on a noble quest to include walking and cycling lanes on several roads across Nairobi. This is significant step in making sure the city of Nairobi is bike friendly and an effort the Kenya cycling community truly celebrates.

However, the city of Nairobi still seriously lags behind in the provision of bicycle parking. Without safe and adequate parking facilities cyclist are often left in a conundrum.

In 2019 Critical Mass Nairobi (with the support of UNHabitat) led the design and installation of two bicycles parking facilities on the newly redesigned Luthuli avenue. The installation of the bike parking facilities on Luthuli Avenue was a pilot project meant to test whether the availability of the racks on that street would encourage cycling and/or parking on Luthuli Avenue or adjacent streets.

The design of the racks mimicked the layout of a car. This layout demonstrated how several bicycles can be parked on the same space that is used by one car.

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