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WAYS YOU CAN support us

Toto Mass

In Kind

Do you have something you would like to give that you feel can help build up on what we are doing or improve our impact? Kindly get in touch. We can make greater strides if we all leverage on one anothers strengths.

Please get in touch!


We believe the world is global village and luckily the internet makes it easier for the world to interact. There are several ways you can support us online. You can share what we do on your different social platforms but you can also support us financially by donating to our paypal account. 

Mobile money (Mpesa etc)

The foundation of our growth has been our willingness to give and to volunteer ourselves in various capacities whenever needed. We do however understand to have a greater impact we need to be able to support our activities. You can also support our activities by donating to our Mpesa Paybill Account.


Transforming our cities into cycling cities is not an easy task, but it is a task we shall undertake nonetheless. We do however understand it is easier to undertake such a momentous task if we work together with other people/organizations/institutions. Let's work together!

Please get in touch!

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