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To have cities that are friendly to cyclists and a society that is understanding and accommodating to bicycles/cyclists.



To inspire people to cycle and transform the negative culture surrounding bicycles/cyclists.



1. To get more people back on bicycles and encourage the growth of cycling in Kenya.

2. To change how people, view, experience and interact with bicycles.

3. To promote Non-motorized transport system in Kenya.

Nairobi bike train network

The Nairobi Bike Train Network is an initiative by Critical Mass Nairobi developed in 2019 to support the safe movement of cyclists within the city of Nairobi. The backbone of the bike train is pegged on the concept of safety in numbers.



gender inclusivity in cycling

This Project aims to understand the barriers to cycling among women.

* it seeks to understand the cycling needs of women and to prioritize immediate interventions.

-Such as the Negative socio-cultural perceptions,

-Safety and security issues

-Cycling skills gap

-Bicycle incessibility

-Inadequate supporting cycling fcilities and menities


road safety

Road Safety Campaign

A road safety campaign focused on cycling can be an effective way to promote safe cycling practices, raise awareness about cyclist rights and responsibilities, and encourage harmonious sharing of the road between cyclists and other road users.

  1. Reducing cycling accidents and injuries, increasing public awareness about cyclist safety, or promoting mutual respect among all road users.

   2. Identify the primary target audience for the campaign, which may include cyclists of all ages and skill levels, motorists, pedestrians, and local communities. Develop Key.

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