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Critical Mass Nairobi organizes a Heros sendoff for the late Sule Kang'ang'i.

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Nothing shocks the system like sudden death. That is the reality most Kenyan cyclists and several other cyclists across the globe had to grapple with.

Sule Kang'ang'i passed away after succumbing to injuries sustained during the Vermont Overland gravel in the USA.

The late Sule was a celebrated cyclist in Kenya, winning more races than we could count. Most cyclists knew, if Sule signed up for a race, there was no point thinking you'd win the race. He was fast and smooth and very agile too! But the best thing about Sule was his humility and his dedication to the thing he loved most. Cycling.

In honor of the beloved hero, Critical Mass Nairobi organized a fundraiser and a memorial ride to give the late Sule the kings sendoff he deserved.

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