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Transforming Cities is a Team Effort!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

It's always assumed that the Police are to take the back seat when it comes to how cities are designed, planned and managed. This role is often given to planners, engineers and policy makers. The Police are however expected to play main character in enforcing rules that will ensure that those cities are functional. But do we ever consider how difficult it is to enforce rules on something that you were not involved in designing? Or how difficult it is to stand for something that you don't understand?

That was our dilemma several years ago when we approached the Police to help us manage traffic during our monthly rides. We explained how we advocate for safer and liveable cities by making people ride bicycles. A few officers didn't understand why anyone would want to ride bikes in Nairobi. But what was amazing was they listened to us. They saw our intention and believed in us. They also shared stories of their upbringing and how they loved riding bicycles. They also shared how traffic jams are killing our cities and even impacting the health of traffic officers. They welcomed us and offered to support our advocacy work.

Since 2019 we've been riding with traffic police who have made it easier for us to even...

ride with kids as young as 5 years. Today, the experience cyclists are having with traffic police has improved significantly. The National Transport Services Authority also came out with a report that showed that cyclists death is on the decline. We don't know if this is as a result of improved relations but we are excited about the news nonetheless.

In summary, the police can be vilified for many things, but we will not fail to mention when they have done a good thing. To the Regional Police Commander and all Police officers who continuously support us, please receive our heartfelt gratitude. You may not know the

impact your support has had but we hope the report by NTSA and the growing number of cyclists is something to go by.

There is still along way to go and so many things to work on but so far we are grateful for believing in our vision and for supporting us.

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